Career Management

Career management is the combination of structured planning and the active management choice of one’s own professional career.

The outcome of successful career management should include personal fulfillment, work/life balance, goal achievement and financial security.

A career includes all types of employment ranging from semi-skilled through skilled, and semi professional to professional. Careers have often been restricted to an employment commitment to a single trade skill, profession or business firm for the entire working life of a person. In recent years, however, a career now includes changes or modifications in employment during the foreseeable future.

The following classification system with minor variations is widely used:

Development of overall goals and objectives,
Development of a strategy (a general means to accomplish the selected goals/objectives),
Development of the specific means (policies, rules, procedures and activities) to implement the strategy, and
Systematic evaluation of the progress toward the achievement of the selected goals/objectives to modify the strategy, if necessary.

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